Ostrava consists of two (side by side) individual painting bays, separately climate controlled. The facility was built as a painting facility rather than being converted and is probably one of the most advanced facilities in Europe, if not the world. Each bay can take up to 1 A321, giving a total capacity of 2 x A321 at a time for the facility.

Ostrava, Czech Republic Contact Details

Paint Hangar,
Ostrava International Airport,
Gen. Fajtla 370,
74251 Czech Republic

Operations Manager
Declan O’Brien
+39 345 8591009


Hangar Capacity

B737 and max A321

Operating Since



  • LHT
  • Brussels
  • Air Berlin
  • Gecas

Type of Customers

  • Commercial
  • VIP

Fire Suppression

Overhead foam suppression sprinklers. Fire alarm system linked to the Airport fire station

Air Filtration

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Contracted to local waste company


In house CCTV and JAT 24 hour security