Looking for a Career?

Looking for a Career?

Come join our team and learn how to become a Journeyman Painter through IAC’s Painter Career Progression Program (PCPP). Our program is an exciting opportunity for employees to develop their skills and become a Journeyman Painter. Most painters only learn the trade informally as a helper to an experienced painter, but our painters learn through both instructor- led classes and on-the-job instruction.

All levels of painters will learn and are expected to maintain the 6S principles of Safety, Sorting, Systematic Arrangement, Shining, Standardizing, and Sustaining with emphasis on housekeeping of the aircraft maintenance bays and consumable point of use areas. There are four (4) recognized progressions in our PCPP: P1 Prepper; P2 Prepper; P3 Apprentice Painter; and P4 Journeyman Painter.

P1 Prepper

The training for the P1 Prepper role provides basic knowledge of aircraft familiarization and induction. You will discuss and observe: masking; stripping; surface preparation; layout; and begin to learn how to apply paint. Discussion of logo/stencil painting; learning how to use and maintain a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray point gun; and knowledge of aircraft drawings and consumable materials will be learned.

P2 Prepper

P2 Prepper training will undergo further training of aircraft familiarization. He/she will be required to demonstrate aircraft knowledge and physical demonstration of: masking; stripping; surface preparation; equipment operation; layout; and tool maintenance.

P3 Apprentice Painter

Becoming an Apprentice Painter is where the employee begins to work on their own with minimal supervisor and instruction in addition to expanding on their overall knowledge of the aircraft with such things as flight controls - elevator tabs or structural elements – stringers. The ability to mask all areas of an aircraft and usage of operational lifts at a superior level. He/she will be able to identify minor defects and application of mica, handle normal break down of equipment and troubleshooting. Facility planning, and the impact of aircraft scheduling will be key learning objectives at this level of progression.

P4 – Journeyman Painter

The Journeyman Painter will assist in the daily training and instruction of P1 & P2 Painters. A Journeyman Painter has advanced knowledge of all stages of aircraft stripping and refinishing. He/she will understand drawings and navigation of a Boeing fleet, work with consistency and control of application of paint without supervision and rework. A Journeyman Painter will be accountable for ensuring on time deliverables and quality of work. Sometimes a Journeyman Painter will aspire to become a Master Painter or even a Lead Painter. May times employees excel faster than others, it’s all up to you!

To apply please forward a copy of your Resume to USCareers@iac.aero


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