IAC Host European Launch at MRO Europe 2016 in Amsterdam


In October, International Aerospace Coatings attended MRO Europe 2016, which took place in Amsterdam, one of the most fashionable cities in the world. A hub for designers and artists, it was fitting that the Dutch capital was the chosen location for the European unveiling of the new IAC brand.

Following our 2014 merger, Eirtech Aviation Limited (Europe) together with US companies Leading Edge Aviation Services, Inc. and Associated Painters, Inc. combined to create our new brand identity as a global aircraft painting company – International Aerospace Coatings which was launched to the aviation industry amid much fanfare on October 19th.


Customers, colleagues, and visitors attending MRO Europe 2016 in Amsterdam, were invited to drop by our booth as our team made a toast to the new global brand identity with a performance from traditional Irish musician, Zoe Conway and a refreshing glass of Guinness. It was a full house at our booth with the sales, management and re-brand teams attending for the European launch.


Speaking about the unveiling of the new IAC corporate identity, CEO Niall Cunningham said, “The logo design was inspired, rather aptly, by a bird. The Arctic tern, a seabird known for its extraordinary migration journeys, which can average 90,000kms, equal to flying twice around the planet.

“These distances achieved by Arctic terns are by far the longest migrations known in the animal kingdom and the story of these tiny creatures really appealed to us. Their journey is one of endurance, skill, tenacity and an ability to fly great distances, which, for us, drew parallels with the IAC story.”


Following the European launch of the IAC brand, the US will follow suit and officially take on the new name at MRO Americas in Orlando in April 2017.